About Us


Veeko Group (Veeko) was established in 1984 by Mr. Cheng Chung Man, Johnny to design, manufacture and wholesale ladies' apparel under the brandname Veeko.

Three years later in 1987, Mr. Cheng launched a fashion line for working women under the brandname Wanko given the surge in demand for executive ladies' wear.

Sales of Veeko and Wanko in Hong Kong skyrocketed that the Group in 1988 increased production, but lowered costs by shifting its manufacturing operation to the factories located in the mainland China.

Recognizing promising potential in the retail business, Mr. Cheng opened three retail outlets in Hong Kong in 1990.

On 19th April, 1999, Veeko International Holdings Limited was successfully listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (Stock Code: 1173), which ensured the market status of Veeko Group with great meaning.

With its methodical expansion based on comprehensive analysis and real demand, Veeko Group today 68 Veeko and Wankostores in Hong Kong and Macau, and 19 stores in China.

The Group has long been seeking other expansion and development opportunities in retail business with high value-adding prospects. In October 2004, the Group has launched its chain cosmetics retail business and established the Colourmix stores. As at today, the Group has a total of 82 Colourmix stores in Hong Kong, Macau and China.

In August 2015, the Group has established another cosmetics store namely MORIMOR. As at today, 5 MORIMOR stores have been set up in Hong Kong.

The Business of Ladies' Fashion

The Group created Veeko and Wanko to meet the clothing needs of today's modern woman, who wants good value for money.

Wanko offers a range of stylish and elegant executive wear for working ladies aged 20 to 35.

Veeko targets its smart casual and ready-to-wear fashion to those trendy young ladies aged 16 to 28.

Designs are inspired by the latest fashion trends in Europe, the United States and Japan.

The Group's design team frequently attends fashion shows and fabric fairs in the world's fashion capitals to stay one step ahead, catering to the varied tastes of the cosmopolitan woman.

The Cosmetics Business

Colourmix opened its first retail store in Hong Kong in October 2004.

Colourmix cosmetics retail stores offer a diverse range of prestige cosmetics and skin-care brands sourced from worldwide, including skin-care products, perfumery, make-up, personal care and trendy items, etc. In addition, Colourmix provides its exclusively distributed cosmetics products, which are mainly brands from Switzerland, France, Italy and Korea. Colourmix as at today has a total of 82 stores in Hong Kong, Macau and China.

Since 2005, Colourmix was continuously designated as the “Preferred Retail Shop for Cosmetics and Beauty Products” to the “Miss Chinese International Pageant”, which enhanced the stylish, elegant and professional image of Colourmix in consumers’ minds.

In August 2015, the Group has established another cosmetics store namely MORIMOR . As at today, 5 MORIMOR stores have been set up in Hong Kong. MORIMOR cosmetics stores offer high-quality trendy skin care and cosmetics products by integrating global premier skin care beauty concepts, with diversified products covering skin care, fragrance, make-up, hairdressing, body care and cosmeceuticals and health food. In addition, professional beauty consultants offer appropriate personal services and consultations on skin care for customers to enjoy the pleasant experience of beauty.


The Group has always aimed to reach its target group as effectively as it can.

It knows that its presence at key points in the city is vital if it has to satisfy the fashion and beauty needs of the cosmopolitan woman.

For this reason, Veeko has set up its outlets in well-appointed sites in tourist areas, shopping malls, department stores that are located along the routes of the Mass Transit Railway and in well-developed residential districts where traffic is as its densest.

To encourage clients to return to its shops, Veeko makes it a point to provide friendly and attentive service and offer special discounts to loyal customers. Recently, Veeko, Wanko, Colourmix and MORIMOR VIP members have over 500,000.

The Group’s marketing activities are of a wide variety. Advertisements designed by the Group of distinctive quality are posted at bus panels and published in newspaper and fashion magazines.

Solid Management

Veeko Group is managed by a team of experts in design, manufacturing, distribution and retailing. They are multi-skilled and experienced management professionals who have significantly reduced total operating costs and have radically improved productivity over the Group's 35 year existence.

The team has installed a front-end point-of-sale system, which updates its back office inventory control system for all outlets in all regions.

The system enables management to gather information on individual shop performance, identify market trends rapidly and replenish popular products within a short span of time.

Regarding the fashion business, the Group has successfully retained highly talented designers who visit the shops regularly to keep in touch with customer needs and preferences.

For cosmetics business, the Group’s experienced buying team has continuously sourced various exclusive international brands from Switzerland, France, Italy, Korea and etc, to provide diversified choices to the customers.

With its experienced in-house advertising team, the team has pursued aggressive advertising and promotion schemes in a cost-effective way.

Knowing that quality control is critical to maintaining goodwill in the retail industry and long-term profitability, the team has adopted rigorous quality control procedures and standards for all aspects of production.

The Way Forward

If Veeko Group has to keep pace with demand, it will have to outdo itself.

The Group’s Chairman Mr. Cheng Chung Man Johnny was awarded the Young Industrialist Award of Hong Kong in November 2001 and the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award of the Year 2012 China in November 2012. These awards not only recognized Veeko Group's leading position within the industry, but also acknowledged Mr. Cheng's remarkable contribution to Veeko.

In May 2005, the Group’sWanko, Veeko and Colourmix brands were awarded “Superbrands” by the Hong Kong Superbrands Council. The award has demonstrated the universal recognition of the customer loyalty, product quality, market dominance and acceptance of the Group’s brands, as well as boosted consumers’ confidence by helping them identifying quality brand names.

In November 2005, Veeko Group was awarded “Hong Kong Outstanding Enterprise 2005” by the Economic Digest, which is a popular financial magazine in Hong Kong. The award affirmed the market recognition of the excellent business management of the Group.

With the strengths its success is built on, Veeko is set to further expand its ladies’ fashion and cosmetics business in all regions, with a view to offer products of inner and outer beauty and prestige customer service to the ladies all over the world, and to be the most outstanding retailing enterprise in the Asian Region.